Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally, Federal Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Halt

While 13 states have passed laws allowing medical marijuana use, federal law still prohibits it. During the Bush administration raids were made and people arrested, even if they were in compliance with state law. On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder said such raids would stop, as long as those involved were in compliance with state law.

In other words, in this case, federal law will no longer trump state law.

Few specifics were stated, but he added that the Justice Department’s enforcement policy would still prosecute those who masquerade as medical dispensaries and "use medical marijuana laws as a shield."

In 1996, California passed Proposition 215, which allows any person with a doctor's recommendation can grow, use and transport medical marijuana.

I have long said that unless someone in the Supreme Court, Congress, or Executive Branch's family became sick to the point that they needed medical marijuana to live without excruciating pain or constant nausea, nothing would change. It is good to see I was wrong.

At least, for now.

However, there are about two dozen California medical marijuana cases pending in federal court, and it is unclear what will happen to those cases now. The right thing would be to dismiss them. We will see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for sanity! All we need to do now is end the war on drugs and restore our civil liberties.

Anonymous said...

you mean civil liberties such as murder, rape, gang violence, robberies... etc.. etc...?

or, I suppose that you don't feel that drug addicts, or the people who sell/transport the drugs don't do any of that...

Anonymous said...

I know people who use marijuana on a regular based (both medically and recreationally) and none of them murder, rape, take part in gang violence, robberies or anything else like that.

But then I know of plenty of people who drink alcohol and then go out and get in fights, beat their significant others, drive under the influence and commit other kinds of violent crime.

Alcohol does far more damage to society than marijuana does, yet it's legal.

I'm very glad to see that the federal government has finally taken a step back and realized that they are there to help people, not inflict more pain onto people who are already suffering in some way.

papa n mama n wv said...

I see nothing wrong with smoking or for that case, growing your own marajuana. Maybe if some of the people in the world would just smoke a joint, they wouldn't be robbing, murdering, raping or hurting people. I know the only reason they won't legalize pot is because they are money hungry, they know they wouldn't be able to tax and control it. Pot is after all a herb, made by the maker himself. Would you want your parsly illigal just because it gave you the munchies, made you giggle, and then put you to sleep. Really, what is the harm. Especially to those that so desperatly depend on it just to live day to day.

Homesure Services said...

I suppose that you don't feel that drug addicts, or the people who sell/transport the drugs don't do any of that...