Sunday, February 15, 2009

118 Cats Euthanized After "Rescue" from Mobile Home

118 cats, which had been taken from a St. Anthony, Minn. mobile home last week, were euthanized, authorities said.

Humane Society officials rescued the 118 cats on Tuesday. The stench in the mobile home was so bad they had to call in the fire department to ventilate the home. Police were called after someone complained about the smell.

The couple who lived there, Stanley and Cheryl Saladis, have a history with "hoarding" cats. Prior to this incident, police had to remove 72 cats from their previous residence in Coon Rapids, Minn. That was 2002, and Stanley Saladis was convicted of animal cruelty.

His sentence included a $3,000 fine and an order to not have any dogs or cats during a two-year probation.

A statement released by the Animal Humane Society last week with regards to the 118 cats being euthanized explained:
"They are damaged from their marginalized environment -- both psychologically and physically."
The couple was not cited, but were instead referred to social services.

Watch a video report below:


Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking and very upsetting. Why even bother to rescue them if they can't even give them a chance? Cats by nature are very frightened in a new environment but warm up to others within a week or so. These in the clip looked healthy to me. Crazy what these animal rights people do...they should have adopted them out to loving homes. If these were dogs, this would have had a different ending.

JusticeShouldRule said...

These people could have taken that $3,000.00 and had these cats fixed.Sometimes I think it"s the Humans that need putting to sleep.Things like this are so Heart breaking.Also,Why weren"t these people *watched* after the 1st offense? All of those beautiful animals.What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Those cats could have been adopted. I just do not understand how people can put perfectly alive cats to death with poison. Could these "humans" not give these kitties a chance at having a normal life? They just wrote them off. It is murder. I do not believe in putting animals to sleep. I did that once because I was emotional and wrongly directed. I have learned my lesson and am still depressed because of the situation. For a human to take the life of an animal is not their job, just like taking the life of another human is wrong. God does not intend for us to be the controllers of life. He is and when it is time he will take the animal or the human. Those cats would have been better let out on the street then put to death. This is heartless. 118 lives were taken!! What, there were no exceptions. These sick freaks do not need to work in a veterinary clinic. They belong working in a morgue.

Anonymous said...

If everyone is as outraged as many of us in the community at the actions of the Humane Society, please keep this story going. It's not about the cats anymore, it's about the way the AHS handles how they deal with their supporters and the public. Time to change how things are done - they need to know that we wont accept this sort of action anymore.

Laura said...

This infuriates me! These poor innocent animals deserved no such treatment! They didn't have to be euthanized......all they needed was tender loving care. They should have had the chance of being adopted by a loving person or family. There was NOTHING marginally wrong with those cats. Shame on those who decided to euthanize the cats. And shame on the couple who hoarded the cats in the first place. I'd like to euthanize them.

Brook said...

That's just pathetic! Why in the world would you rescue those cats just to put them down? They did not need to be euthanized, I'm sure they could have been placed in nice homes and had great lives with people who would have loved them. What was done to them should also be defined as ANIMAL CRUELTY!!

Five Point Capitol Scam said...

hese people could have taken that $3,000.00 and had these cats fixed.Sometimes I think it"s the Humans that need putting to sleep.