Monday, January 12, 2009

Openly Gay Bishop Picked by Obama to Give Pre-Inaugural Prayer

No, Barack Obama has not withdrawn his invitation to Rick Warren. Rick Warren will still give the invocation at Barack Obama's Jan. 20 inauguration, shortly before Obama delivers his much-anticipated inaugural address. But Gene Robinson, the first openly gay diocesan bishop in the Anglican Communion, in an obvious olive branch to the gay community, will share his invocation prayer Sunday afternoon on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during an inaugural kick-off event.

This decision comes after weeks of criticism over Obama's decision to have the Rev. Rick Warren, who's compared gay relationships to incest and polygamy, to give the invocation.

Gene Robinson is from New Hampshire, and lives there with his male partner (they have a civil union). He endorsed Obama during the campaign, and also met him during the Presidential primaries.

While Gene Robinson has called the choice of Warren a slap in the face, he said this about his inclusion in the ceremonies:
"I'm just overwhelmed and so humbled by this invitation. But this will certainly not go unnoticed in the gay and lesbian community. It's important for the people to feel represented."
According to the New York Times, Bishop Robinson said he had learned of the invitation about two and a half weeks ago. However, he and the Obama transition team agreed to unveil the news today in the Concord Monitor, Bishop Robinson’s local NH newspaper.

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