Friday, January 16, 2009

Katia Verber: a Russian Paris Hilton Wanna-Be?

Photo via Marie Claire.

Katia Verber has been called the Paris Hilton of Russia by Marie Claire. It's hard to say which of those two would be more insulted by that comparison.

But realistically, when looking at pictures of Katia Verber, what stands out is her spoiled look. Seriously, she looks spoiled. She looks like everyone else needs to be looked at with disdain.

Katia is 24, and is described as follows by Marie Claire:
Katia, a dark-haired heiress with piercing eyes and perfect teeth, is like one of the Hilton sisters here. She's the daughter of Alla Verber, who helps run Russia's biggest luxury retailer, Mercury, which brought Dolce, Gucci, and Prada to Russia in the mid-1990s. Katia works as a buyer at Mercury, but she spends much of her time posing for Russian glossies and deciding which party invitations to accept.
It's true that she's rich, but despite the fact that many say Paris Hilton inherited her money (it's true) she has done some work in her time (though not that much), Katia doesn't do all that much. Buyer for her mother's firm? Certainly isn't making her share of the wealth there.

Photo via Marie Claire.

Unless, as is likely the case, she gets a salary that's really more of an allowance than anything else.

The Paris Hilton of Russia? You decide.


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