Friday, November 21, 2008

Afghan Girl Swallows Battery, Fights for Life

Here's an interesting story from CNN about an Afghan girl whose life is threatened after swallowing a battery. It hasn't gotten much traction anywhere on the Web. Strange, as its definitely a human interest story, and one that any parent should take care to listen to.

Nazia is three-years-old, from Afghanistan. The young girl swallowed the battery in April after (foolishly) being given it to play with. Well, I will assume no one in the U.S. would do that.

Things in Afghanistan are not as in the U.S. No ERs, so by the time she was taken to American military doctors, her esophagus was so damaged she has had to have several operations. And in fact, she can't talk because of scarred vocal cords.

Col. Scott Jones says:
We've sent her home twice now. She's returned within a week to 10 days with severe pneumonia and very severe breathing problems. Her airway has narrowed so much, if you think about a Dole pencil, you look at the lead, the tip of a Dole pencil, that's is how small the opening is to her lungs. So you can imagine, you cannot breathe through that.
The massive scarring within her airway requires complex surgery. Cincinnati Children's Hospital is trying to help, and is raising funds for Nazia. Worst, however, according to the report, is that Nazia cannot survive the dusty climate in Afghanistan without that surgery.

It's possible you might be able to help, by contacting Cincinnati Children's Hospital and asking about a fund for the girl who "swallowed a battery." Let's hope she gets the help she needs.

Watch the video. I uploaded it myself, because CNN video's don't work well when embedded and viewed through Firefox. The original story can be found here.



"E" said...

I, too, have posted the Nazia story on my blog. I have also posted the direct link for Nazia donations at the Hospital. I am actually stationed at Bagram and I have met Nazia. She is a doll and I, too, am trying my hardest to get the word out. Thanks for your part. Nazia's info and donation instructions can be found here:

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wow!! impressive!! i really feel shame for afghan girl.i thin some good people should try to adopted one when it is necessary.

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He returned within a week to 10 days with severe pneumonia and severe respiratory problems. The airline has reduced so if you think of a pencil Dole..

Gatehouse Academy reviews said...

According to the report, is that Nazia cannot survive the dusty climate in Afghanistan without that surgery.

Emily said...

My dad worked to save this beautiful baby girls life when he was over in Afghanistan. =) We have pictures that my daddy took of her, her brother, and grandfather hanging up in our hallway; we are continuing to pray and thank the Lord God for their determination and faith in her recovery. My dad said that this little angel kept a smile on his face every second that she had come in for a check-up or another surgery. He said that you pronounce her name: N-aw-z-ie though it is spelled Nazia =D Thank you for posting this!

Mary said...

I am trying to reach Dr. Scott Jones who treated Nazia---

Her brother, Atiqu, now lives with my husband and myself and is making a bid for amnesty as his father believes Atiqu will be killed by the Taliban should he return to Afghanistan.

Atiqu's attorney needs more evidence for the April 2 hearing, and we hope Dr. Jones might help---

Mary Pierce Brosmer