Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Any Person Who Can Help Raise 5 Children Can Be VP" - Fox News

During a discussion on Fox & Friends Monday about Sarah Palin, host Steve Doocy, who had previously noted Alaska's proximity to Russia as reason to assume she has foreign policy experience, emphasized motherhood as a reason to consider her capable of being VP.
"And plus she’s a mother of five. And we were out at the state fair and somebody said, 'Look, any person who can help raise five children, any mother who can raise five children … certainly could be vice-president of the United States.' Because, they said, being a mom is tougher than being vice-president."

Freudian slip there? The part about "help raise five children" (per the weekend rumors about her last child)?
This could either be an accolade for being a mom, or a mocking of the responsibility of being VP. Based on the amount of influence Cheney exerted during the Bush administration, I think it's supposed to be an accolade for being a mother.

But based on this, shouldn't Michelle Duggar, mother of 17 with 18 on the way, have been McCain's pick?

At any rate, what we should really worry about is whether a mother of 5, two-year governor of a state who's population is smaller than that of 16 cities in America, whose only other experience was as mayor of a village of 8,500 (from which she was nearly recalled), is capable of being president.

Because as VP, she's a heartbeat away from that, and with John McCain being 72 and having been treated for melanoma more than once, is that someone we want to take a chance on?

What do you think would happen if she met with Vladimir Putin? He would destroy her.

Watch the video, from Fox & Friends, broadcast September 1, 2008.



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