Friday, August 15, 2008

Colbert on Torture: "What we're doing may be cruel, but it is no longer unusual for us to do it"

Ah yes, it's amazing how Colbert hits the nail on the head again. He's got a real point here. And neither is "extraordinary rendition" all that extraordinary any longer.

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert had Jane Mayer, the author of The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals on his show. They discussed her assertion that "America is synonymous with torture."

As Colbert said,
"There's nothing in the Constitution that says, 'Don't torture.' The words don't torture do not appear. It says 'cruel and unusual. What we're doing may be cruel, but it is no longer unusual for us to do it."
When Mayer said that "enhanced interrogation is a euphemism for hurting people on purpose," Colbert continued:
"You're making it sound bad, when the term itself is meant to make it sound good. 'Enhanced,' that's a positive term, like 'male enhancement.' We spend lots of money. I get emails all the time, you know, being offered to be enhanced."
Of course, many have said in this time of war, we must torture. Yet, at one time, America stood above other nations. We have managed to bring ourselves down to a level where we have been compared with China in terms of torture practices. This is Mayer's point.

Watch the video:

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but have you missed the fact that Colbert is an ironist and satirist? His guests fall into two camps, those who he agrees with and plays the fool to make the opposition to them look worse, and those whom he disagrees with, and with whom he plays the fool by agreeing with them to make them look worse. This woman obviously falls into the first camp.

Only in a Roberts court and under a "justice" department led by Ashcroft, Gonzalez or Mulkasey, could the idea that torture may be legal because it no longer violates the cruel and unusual provision in no longer being unusual make sense even as an example of fallacious argument. Oh, how we've fallen!