Thursday, July 3, 2008

You Know Gas Prices Are High When People Trade Sex for It

It's no secret that gas prices are going through the roof, but you know they're really high when prostitutes start taking gas cards as payment.

In Fort Wright, Kentucky, police set up a sex sting at the Days Inn. However, without trying, they noticed a er ... all right, I'll just say it, prostitute they knew from prior encounters.

Naturally she was there for business, and she was allegedly paid with a $100 gas card.

“When people are selling their bodies for gas, that’s pretty sad,” said Ken Easterling, chief prosecutor in the Kenton County Attorney’s Office.

Kenneth Nowak, 50, told police he and Angela Eversole, 34, met at the hotel Friday night for an "appointment." He apparently paid her with a $100 gas card. He was charged with promoting prostition, while Eversole was charged with prostitution and doing business without an occupational license. Whaa?

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loopyplus1 said...

Bartering not a defence? A roll in the hay for a full tank of gas?

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