Thursday, July 24, 2008

Novak Thinks McCain May Have "Used Him;" If So, Would Be "Reprehensible"

It's not just the fact that Robert Novak made this statement that's interesting, it's that he made it on Fox News. What, no censorship over potentially embarrassing McCain news, Mr. Murdoch?

Speaking to Fox News' Martha MacCallum, Novak said:
"Let me tell you what happened. I got a suggestion from a very senior McCain aide late yesterday afternoon that he was going to announce it this week. They didn't want it to come out the way it was going to come out, and they suggested I put it out.

I then called another senior person, who said 'I can't talk about that, but wouldn't this be a terrific week to announce it,' that is, with Obama getting the headlines. So I just put something on the Internet that sources close to the McCain campaign suggested he might name it this week, but didn't disclose the name.

I since have been told by certain people that this was a dodge. They were trying to get a little publicity to rain on Obama's campaign. That's pretty reprehensible, if it's true, but we'll find out in a few days, if what I was suggested was true or if it was a scam.


If this was just a scam, it's a pretty shabby operation, but we'll know in a few days.
Watch the video below, as broadcast on Fox News on July 22, 2008.


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"I can not speak, but not what would be a fantastic week to advertise," there, with Obama getting the headlines. So I just put anything on ..