Saturday, July 19, 2008

Much Like GOP Candidates at Political Events, Girl Runs Away from Bush at Tee-Ball Game

Most GOP candidates are doing their best to stay away from George W. Bush, and it appeared that at a tee-ball game hosted by Bush on Wednesday that one of the children invited to the game wanted to do the same.

When Emily from Kentucky was given her chance to meet Bush, she started to cry and ran off. As MSNBC's Hardball said, Emily was "going, going, gone," much like Bush's approval ratings: down into the dumps.

Emily appeared to be scared either by Bush or the large chipmunk mascot next to him. My bet is on Bush.

This was the 19th in a series of "Tee-Ball Initiatives," which began when Bush took office in 2001. Emily was one of 50 children invited for this event.

Watch the video:

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acekard said...

Emily seemed to be afraid either Bush or the great chipmunk mascot next to him. My bet is on Bush.this is not more then just crap.