Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lieberman: "We're Next"

We're next, guys. According to Joe Lieberman, (I-CT), once Iran gets through with Israel and the rest of the Middle East, we're next.

As Lieberman (why doesn't this guy just change to the GOP) said:
That’s up to Israel obviously, but I - I - I would say that obviously Israel is first in the line of Iranian fire, and it represents an existential threat to Israel. But you know who's next? The Arab countries in the Middle East and they’re worried about the Iranian program and want us to ask strongly to stop it. And we’re next! Because Ahmadinejad in Tehran constantly leads the mobs in shouts of death to America. And they mean it.
Scare tactics galore as we approach the anticipated post-election and pre-End of George W. Bush's administration attack on Iran.

Does anyone seriously believe that Iran poses any sort of real threat to Israel? Israel is well-armed, well-trained (perhaps better trained than U.S. troops) and doesn't really have much to worry about.

Watch the clip:

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