Thursday, May 29, 2008

Russert: Obama "Will Claim Mathematical Lock on Nomination Next Week"

As calls continue for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race for the Democratic nominee for President, Obama still lies just 40 delegates short of the number necessary to secure the nomination. Tuesday night on NBC's Nightly News, Tim Russert said that Obama will claim a "mathematical lock" on the nomination after next Tuesday, following primaries in Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota.
“One week from tonight Brian (Williams), five months after the Iowa caucuses, Barack Obama just needs about 40 delegates to secure the nomination. There are 86 delegates that are available in Puerto Rico on Sunday, Montana and South Dakota on Tuesday. He will get those. Now, enter Michigan and Florida. There’s a meeting this coming Saturday which will have a deal on seating some of the delegates from Michigan and Florida, which means Obama will have to pick up probably another 40 delegates. There are over 200 superdelegates left; he only needs 40 of them. They have identified them. The Obama campaign will claim a mathematical lock on the nomination one week from tonight, Wednesday morning at the latest.”
Watch the video from Tuesday night's NBC Nightly News.


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