Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anti-Fraud Researcher Arrested for .... Fraud

Brett Oliphant, who had been vice-president of security services of ScanAlert before the company was acquired by McAfee in January, is facing 11 counts of securities fraud. It's alleged that the transactions brought in more than $1.215 million.

I remember this technology, and seeing it on websites. ScanAlert's technology audited and certified Web sites as "Hacker Safe." In January, McAfee paid $54.9 million for the company and has renamed the certification service "McAfee Safe."

Oliphant and his brother Bryan were charged in December. Their trial is set for Nov. 18 at the Elkhart County Superior Court in Indiana.


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Anonymous said...

Please note that Brett Oliphant's court date is set for November 18th, NOT Bryan's.

Bryan was a victim of his brother's scam and his court dates are not the same.