Thursday, April 17, 2008

YouTube Video of Rectal Surgery a Pain in the *ss for Hospital

It's bad enough when teenagers beat each other up so they can produce a viral video, but these are physicians, nurses and the like. Shouldn't they know better?

The clip, since removed from YouTube, showed the surgical team laughing while a can of body spray (?) was removed from a 39-year-old male patient's rectum. The incident occurred on January 3rd at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Centre in the city of Cebu.

The victim said that he insulted his partner by criticising the size of his penis and before he knew it the man shoved the can ... well, you know where.

The hospital said the man could expect an apology, but my guess is he's expecting more than that. Like major amounts of cash.

A hospital spokesperson said they would have to "enforce and strengthen the policies" regarding bringing cellular phones inside the hospital premises.

No? You think?


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