Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Simpsons" Yanked as Inappropriate for Children; Replaced with "Baywatch: Hawaii"

A Venezuela TV station has yanked the Simpsons off the air, replacing it with something deemed more appropriate for children: Baywatch: Hawaii.

Televen made the change after a number of complaints. A spokesperson for the station told AP, "It had to be taken off. They consider it to be a series that isn't appropriate for that time because it isn't appropriate for children."

Wait, and Baywatch: Hawaii is? In case you don't know, Baywatch was renamed Baywatch: Hawaii after season 10 when the "team" relocated to Hawaii. Yeah, I know, makes a whole lot of sense to me, too.

Based on the image above (click to enlarge), yeah, it's really family-friendly. I wonder if the complaints about the Simpsons came from a mostly male audience?


Anonymous said...

The station actually didn't receive a single complaint. Chavez didn't like the show, so he forced them to yank it. It actually had the highest ratings for the timeslot in the channels history.

iservepharmacy said...

great so instead of watching a cartoon with simple humored plot lines. They will now be able to watch bouncing boobs on a Tv show that has no plot line and low ratings to begin with. Personally I would think that bay watch would case more damage to the child's mind then the Simpson's ever could

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