Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nike Factory Strike in Vietnam Settled - for $6 a Month

This is why I rant about how unjust globalization truly is. Not only does the incredibly low labor cost - much of which is due to a lack of oversight in factories - mean that not only do jobs go overseas, the people who get the jobs aren't even paid fair wages. So people who say we are "spreading the wealth" globally are either foolish or lying because they work for a corporation making $$$ off of the arrangement.

The Ching Luh Nike plant has 21,000 employees, and they were "treated" to a $6 a month raise after a two-day strike. Inflation in Vietnam was 19% over the last year, and the $6 a month raise is a 10% increase - but they also get free lunch! Whoopee!

Do the math; their original salaries were $59 a month. Anyone wonder why American manufacturing has moved overseas?

Despite the settlement, there was a brawl Wednesday when workers who were against the deal fought with those in favor of the deal.

It should be noted the plant is owned by a Taiwanese company, not Nike directly.

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