Saturday, March 1, 2008

Man Arrested for Taunting Rhino at SF Zoo

All I can say is: will people never learn? After the tiger attack at the same zoo, the San Francisco Zoo, late last year, the zoo put up prominent signs indicating that taunting will not be tolerated, and they have a much more stringent enforcement policy.

Despite all that, Juan Zuluaga, 26, was arrested, cited and released following a taunting incident Thursday at the zoo. He was cited for misdemeanor animal taunting for allegedly tossing acorns at a rhinoceros.

Zuluaga told police that he had been trying to get the rhino's attention by whistling at it, but failed, then grabbed a branch and took acorns off it, and began throwing them at the animal.

Another patron reported the incident by calling a hot line number on one of the recently posted signs. Thank goodness someone was thinking!

Lora LaMarca, spokeswoman for the zoo indicated that prior to last year's Christmas Day tiger attack, it was unusual for citations to be issued for animal taunting. "Of course, we are at a far higher level now," she said. She added, referring to Zuluaga,"He's an adult. He should know better."

That he should. But nowadays it seems few people think of consequences when they act.


Anonymous said...

This guy should be put in an empty cage at the zoo for a weekend and let people taunt and throw acorns at him.

quattrone said...

He should have acorns shoved up his butthole.

Anonymous said...

Quattrone sounds really intelligent and well educated.

Anonymous said...

Turnabout should be fair play.If Mr.Zuluaga bounced acorn nuts off the rhino. Maybe he should be placed in the rhino enclosure, covered in rhino phermone and let the rhino bounce some nuts off Mr. Zuluaga.