Saturday, March 22, 2008

Illinois-Shaped Corn Flake Sells for $1,350

Why anyone would pay more than $1,000 for a corn flake shaped like Illinois is beyond me, but here it is. The eBay auction I wrote about earlier has concluded, with the proud winner paying $1,350 for the privilege of owning a corn flake.

Shipping costs on the item are listed as $.50, but even if you can ship it safely, my question is ... why? Why would anyone spend $1,350 for a corn flake?

The new owner, Monty Kerr of Austin, Texas wants to add the corn flake to a traveling museum.

"We're starting a collection of pop culture and Americana items," he said. "We thought this was a fantastic one."

Kerr owns and said he will likely send someone to Virginia to pick up the flake by hand, so it won't be damaged.

You can bet that Melissa McIntire, 23, and her sister Emily, 15, of Chesapeake, Virginia are really happy right now.


PBJ me ASAP said...


I wanted to share a similar unusual food shape story.

I was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when I pulled out a slice that had happy face on it. I did nothing to this to make it look this way. The holes are simply the air bubbles that were there when it was baked.

When I compared it to a smiling picture of President Elect Barack Obama it looked so similar I was quite taken aback. I thought to myself MY FOOD IS STARING BARACK AT ME!

Because bread does not keep as well as chips or flakes, I have put it on Ebay.

Here is the link to ebay:

You can also go to Ebay and search using the keywords "obama" & "bread" said...

I consider one and all should look at it.