Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FEMA to Use "Toxic Trailers" Again?

In August of last year, FEMA decided to stop using those toxic trailers, which were giving off formaldehyde fumes and sickening victims of Katrina and Rita.

But it appears they are set to use them again, for the victims of the Feb. 5th tornadoes that swept across Arkansas, Tennessee, and other states. Just yesterday they indicated that none of the trailers stored at Hope Municipal Airport would be used, but it appears they have changed their minds.

Officials said the 7,200 trailers stored at the Hope airport will "definitely" be used in Arkansas and Tennessee as housing for victims of last week's tornadoes.

David Maxwell, head of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management said the number of trailers released would depend on the number of people that called FEMA and requested help.

In November, FEMA spokesman James McIntyre said the agency determined its mobile homes were safe to use but was still testing its travel trailers stored at Hope. Knowing all this - and how well FEMA did with Katrina and Rita - would you be happy to get one of these trailers if you were one of the victims?

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