Thursday, February 28, 2008

9-Year-Old Sharapova-wanna-be Banned for Grunting

Break 'em of bad habits when they're young, that's the way to do it.

Maria Sharapova has been criticized over her extremely loud grunting during play, but you can bet they won't try this with a champion like her. A 9-year-old Australian girl has been banned from playing tennis at her local club over the grunting noises she makes during play.

Lauryn Edwards was told last weekend that she could no longer play after an opposing player complained about her grunting. This occurred in the middle of a match, and left Edwards crying, according to NPR.

Her father, Duncan Edwards said, "They told me to guarantee she won't grunt or she can't play. How can I guarantee that? She's been doing it since she was really little. She's her own person. What do they want me to do? Put Band-Aids over her mouth? They made her cry on the court when they told her. She was in such a state that I had to bring her home mid-match."

"It feels natural to do my noise. I'm not faking it," Lauren said. "It makes me play better. When I don't do it, I don't play my best tennis. And now people have told me I can't play if I do it."

I have to admit I find Sharapova's grunting distracting, and so do many opponents. It should be noted that Edwards' favorite player is - Sharapova, so though she says she plays better while grunting, it "sounds" more like hero worship than anything else.


Anonymous said...

Don’t be sucked in by this. There is more too it, and her Parents used it to get Money by parading their child on the Television trying to make her out to be the poor little victim.

This child had been warned about noise repeatedly. Dont be sucked in by the bleeding heart defence of Duncan & Ruth. They have exploited their Child for some cash.

Now that is setting a good example as a Parent!

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