Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cell Phone Sale Results in Jail Time

What do they say about donating or selling computers? Wipe the hard drive. The same thing applies to cell phones and videos and photos you might take, as an Ocala, Florida woman learned the hard way.

Aisha Bowen, 18, is a day care worker in Ocala. She was arrested after selling her cell phone; the phone contained video, taken by Bowen's roommate of her striking a 10-month-old baby several times.

The new owner turned the phone over to police after finding the video.

BTW, since most people have to have some sort of storage card to record any meaningful amount of video on a cell phone, another tip: remove the card if you sell or donate the phone! Of course, I'm concerned about this for honest, law-abiding folks; this person got what she deserved.

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