Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That Snorting Sound in the Next Cube Might Just Mean Something ...

Certainly in the case of Broomfield County (Colorado) Assessor Vickie Brown it meant something. She was bringing cocaine to work and snorting it. It was sleuthing by co-workers, employees, and finally, Brown's boss that produced the evidence.

One of Brown's employees caught her in a suspicious position with some white powder (ahem), and then the investigation started. Eventually they found enough powder to be analyzed, and it was indeed cocaine.

Of course, she made an excuse that the cocaine was mistakenly brought to work when "someone" put it in her purse (right). Of course, that doesn't explain the clearly audible snorting sounds that was heard over the cubicle wall.

Faced with the evidence, despite her protests that it was a mistake, she resigned, but since police did not find cocaine in her cubicle (themselves, that is), they aren't going to try to prosecute. Still, she lost a job that paid over $83K a year.

That'll Teach You Not to Spit

Didn't your mother ever chastise you to not spit on the pavement? Well, this guy's gonna learn some kinda lesson. In Pensacola, Florida, Miguel Rogelio, 37, opened his car door and fell out while trying to spit. Perhaps the real lesson, though, it to have your seatbelt on. 'Course he was the front seat passenger, and not the driver, so maybe that's his excuse for not having his belt on. :-)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Ann Romney's comments about cancer anger survivors, victims

First, I must say, my heart goes out to Ann Romney, as she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998. On the other hand, her recent interview with People, she said that the thought had crossed her mind at one time, that she would prefer, rather than continue to suffer with MS, to “just have cancer and die.”

Obviously this went over like a lead balloon with both cancer victims and survivors. As someone whose father died of colon cancer, I can relate. Cancer is not a quick death; it certainly was not for him. It was long and drawn out, and I watched a strong man turn into a sickly gaunt person, at the end.

Naturally Romney has played damage control since the story hit the news, but it's another case of foot-in-mouth disease.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Drunk Astronauts, But at least not Lisa Nowak

It's bad enough that a report this week indicated that NASA let two astronauts fly while intoxicated ... well ... I guess I should take that opening back. This is, in a way, good news. Lisa Nowak ... you remember her, right? The so-called, Love Triangle Astronaut who drove cross-country to confront her rival ... her lawyer Don Lykkebak indicated that she was not one of the astronauts involved.

I'll tell ya, I feel so much better knowing she wasn't ... and that she was only lusting after her love interest while in space, instead.

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38,000 Text Messages Get a Bus Driver Fired ...

Cell Phone A Polish bus driver was fired, because he used his company cell phone to send 38,000 text messages. The reason? A contest ... he hoped to win 100,000-zloty ($36,000). Instead, he racked up 94,000 zlotys ($34,000) in text message charges.

I guess in Poland you can't get an unlimited SMS-message account for a reasonable fee ... otherwise to me it would be: why didn't you use your own phone? And he's lucky they don't seem to be asking for him to pay for it ... even if he had won he would only have had a profit of about 6,000 zlotys ($2,000) if they had forced him to pay for it.

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