Friday, December 7, 2007

Website Selling "My Name is Muhammad" Teddy Bears

You'll recall the story of Gillian Gibbons, who was tried for inciting religious hatred, convicted, sentenced to 15 days prison time and deportation, and eventually pardoned (after protesters called for her execution, BTW) after naming a teddy bear Muhammed in a class exercise in Sudan.

An Arizona man has decided to support the right to Name Bears (as opposed to Bear Arms) with the site (at the same time capitalizing on a recent event and making some cash in the process).

Bears are $9.95 (50% off for the holidays), and there is a bulk ordering discount for more than 5 bears. According to the site, $1 of every bear purchased goes to the USO to support U.S. troops. Of course, I also noticed, besides the shipping fee, a handling fee of $1.99. I always find handling fees to really be just another way to make more profit. So that $1 donation is made up (if it's just one bear) by the handling fee.

The site says clothes and accessories are coming soon. In a way though, it's really taking advantage of someone's poor fortune (Gibbons'). Too bad she can't share in this.

Don't get me wrong, though, I find this clever and amusing, if also capitalizing on something. According to a press release on the site, Mark Bold (Site Owner) said,
"There isn’t much more that brings a smile to a child than a teddy bear, and if a child, teacher, or anyone wants one with the name Muhammad, they can now have one."


ur dad said...

god....wats wrong wid dat... i mean if we christian don't mind...naming teddy bears jesus christ...den wats the big deal...its just a teddy bear for gods sake...allrite...right here.. i am confusing i had sex in the toilet the other day...wid a buddhist gal... and i call that position jesus position...wats the big deal... is there any objections to that...

memory card reader said...

The site says clothes and accessories are coming soon. In a sense, however, is really taking advantage of some bad luck (Gibbons). Too bad they can not share here.