Monday, December 10, 2007

Man Tricks Boy Into Shooting Grandmother; Said It Was Toy Gun

This guy's in the running for biggest jerk in the world ... and that's just to avoid using curse words in my post. In India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh, a man tricked his grandson into shooting his grandmother by telling him it was a toy gun.

After the man, Dhaniram (note: he uses only one name), handed the six-year-old the gun, the boy took aim and shot her in the chest. The woman died of her wounds.

According to police, "The old man wanted to get rid of his 70-year-old wife because she would pester him on domestic issues and he felt stifled with her presence. He then used his innocent grandson to do away with his wife and the little boy walked into the trap and fired the shot."

The boy gave the police the details during questioning and they arrested the grandfather.

What gets me is why the man thought he could get away with it. It seems like he must have thought out the idea, but it definitely wasn't on the shrewd side.


sherrill said...

it is painfully obvious that "crazy" is worldwide. **shaking my head**

Anonymous said...

poor lil'guy..
thats gonna be a tough one to work
through over the next 40 years of

I think a happy ending to this,
would have been if he decided
to "play guns" with his grampa first..

serve the bastard right..

Mariely said...

Regardless if he "played guns" with grandpa first or not, it owuld traumatize him either way. For the rest of his life he's never gonna forget the day he shot and killed his grnadmother. My heart goes out to the innocent and grandpa, you should be ashamed, you forever marked that little boy.

memory card reader said...

The old man wanted to get rid of the wife of 70 years, why torment his affairs, and was suffocated in his presence. He used his nephew away from innocent wife and child walked into a trap and fired a shot.