Monday, December 24, 2007

Baby Jesus Figures Replaced by Severed Pigs Heads

Look, no matter what you think about religion, Christmas, or what have you, this is just plain sick. In Eugene, Oregon, two separate families had their Nativity scenes vandalized when the figures of the infant Jesus were replaced by severed pigs heads.

"It was disgusting," said Shannon Cooper. "We can't even understand where a person would come up with an idea like that." Just down the street, Elmira Street in Northwest Eugune, David Stahl's family found the same vandalism. "It just makes you sick. it's beyond disgusting," he said.

The Coopers put in a new Jesus figure, but the Stahls took their display down completely.

Because other, more secular decorations were untouched, police are considering categorizing the crimes as hate crimes, which would carry anything from five years in prison to three years of probation.


Anonymous said...

This is some very sick people to do that...I hope they find out whp done this and that they are punished to the highest extent of the courts.

Kenkire said...

This line...

"....but the Stahls took their display down completely."


".....considering categorizing the crimes as hate crimes"

Is why America sucks. Because people give in, and there is no such thing as a prank anymore.

There is no reason this PRANK should send anyone to prison for 3 be beaten, raped, and turned into life long criminals for a stupid childish PRANK!!!!!
A good caning will do just fine.

Oh but we wont do that because spanking/caning is inhumane.

wait.... what?

becky said...

According to the local news when the story 'broke,' it was a fake severed pig head. If they were real, it shouldn't take long to find out who it was for the simple fact that there are only so many places to get a whole pig head in Eugene/Springfield area - if WinCo isn't carrying them, of course.

As much as I understand why people are upset about their displays being mucked with, it baffles me why this would rank high enough in importance to make the national news - and the real news, mind you, not the weird or odd news.

It is truly a sad commentary on society when something like pig heads are more news worthy than rising drug problems, increased crime, and lack of affordable drug treatment programs for low income/uninsured addicts. Our county sheriffs doesn't have the money too keep dangerous criminals, let alone book drug dealers, we have a couple of local ponds and at least one river that regularly produced two headed animals, an untold number of students in our schools don't receive the help they need because they are above the bottom 3% in the state testing that the school district spends 4 months prepping them for and the kids can clearly ask 'do you want fries with that?' Not to mention that our number of homeless keep increasing, and we have more kids who desperately need to be in foster care than there are homes to provide it, our gang activities are increasing, funding for DARE is gone, the job market sucks, the price of living is on the rise, the quality of education is falling, and accessibility to college is quickly becoming a privilege of the well-to-do.

Oh, and did you know that there is a small yet active movement to impeach the vice president and NOBODY's mentioning it? As in a real actual bill that was brought before the house and sent to the judiciary comity? Well, the UK news did have an article or two, but I'm not sure they count since they're on other side of an ocean.

Right, severed pig heads defiantly lead the top ten in the 'things to worry over' category.

Anonymous said...

I am from the UK and am shocked to hear this story about the pigs head. If a prank is considered harmless as one comment suggest then your culture has become malignant and depraved. This kind of act is not funny.

memory stick said...

Like other, more secular decorations untouched, the police plan to classify crimes as hate crimes, which would lead to something five years in prison and three years probation.

Mychael Margott said...

According to the local news when the story 'broke,' it was a fake severed pig head.This is some very sick people to do that..