Monday, November 26, 2007

Whiskey Used to Keep High School Students Warm

Whiskey will be used to keep the students at Tynecastle High School in Edinburgh warm. Not in the way one would think of in Scotland, where whiskey is the national drink, but by using the waste heat from a distillery.

The high school is actually new, and will be built next to the North British Distillery. Water from the school will be piped from to the distillery where it will be warmed by waste heat, and then sent back to the school, cutting its fuel bill.

The setup will cost £200,000 but is expected to have paid for itself in energy savings within four years.

Not bad. And for you who thought they would be using whiskey to warm students "the other way," after all, that's just an urban myth anyway. And since it actually makes you feel warmer by dilating your blood vessels, it would actually hasten hypothermia. Sorry to be a downer.

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High school is really new, and was built beside the North British Distillery. Water pipes in school is a distillery, where it is heated by waste heat, and then sent back to school, cutting fuel costs.