Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fast Traffic Complaint Spurs Botts' Dots Install. Complaints Now About Fast and Noisy Traffic

In Paso Robles, residents were concerned about speeding traffic on Rolling Hills Road. Unfortunately, the solution installed by the city hasn't helped, and has made things worse.

You probably know what Botts' dots are (pictured), though probably not their name. They're the raised non-reflective dots placed on road to provide tactile feedback to drivers. In Paso Robles, the city tried installing them to slow traffic down. All it did was make the traffic on the street noisier.

“It sounds like somebody’s shooting a shotgun off,” said Bob Spielman, who helped gather the signatures asking the city to remove the dots. They were installed in September, and the City Council agreed last week to remove them.

“When they first put them in, they maybe braked a little bit. But people have these urban assault vehicles, and they just speed up to go over them,” Spielman said.

The speed limit is 35 MPH, but Spielman said he's seen plenty of traffic going as fast as 65 MPH. The road is used as a shortcut between Highway 46 East and other parts of Paso Robles, so as many as 300 cars / hour travel the road.

My suggestion: speed bumps. They always slow down traffic, or else the drivers will end up with some suspension issues, possibly what they deserve. An alternative is roundabouts.

At any rate, good luck to the residents, and hopefully they will soon get a good nights' sleep, free of rumbling from Botts' dots and free of worry over speeding cars in their neighborhood.


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The speed limit is 35 mph, but Spielmann said he saw a lot of traffic going as fast as 65 mph. The road is used as a shortcut between Highway 46 East and other parts of Paso Robles, while nearly 300 vehicles travel through time.

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