Tuesday, October 30, 2007

N.J. Man Charged for Sex with 92-Year-Old ... Corpse

Just to be clear, it wasn't say a 30-year-old who died young and was then a corpse for 92 years (not that it would make any difference). No, we're talking about a 92-year-old elderly person who had passed away. I'm sorry, the thought of sex with a living 92-year-old doesn't do much for me, much less a dead 92-year-old. Yes, there's a word for this: necrophilia. And another one, sick.

Anthony Merino, a 24-year-old lab technician, was arrested Sunday after a security guard saw him having sex with a dead 92-year-old woman in the Holy Name Hospital morgue. And yes, that's our culprit in the mug shot above.

He's been charged with second-degree desecration of human remains. Bail has been set at $400,000.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if she needed KY?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he just picked the scabs and let the puss run?

Anonymous said...

Sick ass cracker.

www.teresaestevez.com said...

I believe one and all must look at it.