Sunday, October 28, 2007

Faux News Lies About "No Deaths in Iraq This Week"

At the start of this clip, Kilmeade says "You know something? Not one US military, member of the military, was killed in Iraq for the first time since 2004 this past week, and almost no one's talking about it." Well, quite possibly it's because he's lying, or at the very least mistaken.

He then went on to say, "In Iraq there were no casualties in the Al-Anbar Province last week, or in Iraq, US casualties ... terrorists attacks have drop 59%, sectarian attacks off 72%, IED attacks down 80%. It sounds like I'm making this up! If it was a year ago and I told you this is where we're going to be at, would you say I predicted this?"

Yeah, it does sound like you are making it up, because you are. The Iraq Coalition Casualty Count website has been tracking US and coalition deaths since the beginning of the war. Their figures are confirmed by the DoD.

Taking a look at the week from October 19th to 26th, when the broadcast occurred, if you drill down into the month of October on their website, you can see seven deaths between Oct. 19th and the 25th, the date of the last reported casualty. Even giving Kilmeade some slack, and excluding the ones listed as non-hostile, there are still four that are a result of hostile action.

What can I say? Fair and balanced? Nowhere in their motto is the word "accurate."

Watch the clip.


Anonymous said...

Are we really all that suprised by the conservative bias in the media.

Dennis Wells said...

Maybe Fox tilts to the right, but the overwhelming MAJORITY of media is indisputably liberal... not just tilting, but rather tipped over to the left! The fact remains from "anonymous'" comment, that liberals don't want to hear any positive news of sucess in Iraq. They just want to tuck-tail and run.

Jason McLaughlin said...

It doesn't really matter what way any particular media outlet may or may not lean. It's far more important to have a vested interest in the facts of reality. Are people really so blind as to think that lying about reality is somehow a partisan problem, as opposed to a sign of the significant brain damage caused by modern major media?

Anonymous said...

It's a little ridiculous that all the liberals get so mad at Fox because they're conservative when every other station is liberal. Do you really have to own everything? Grow up.