Thursday, October 11, 2007

End of the World ... Sex? Drink? Looting? What Do You Do?

An oncoming asteroid, comet, or other such Extinction Level Event (E.L.E.) is rapidly coming ... what do you do? Well, a survey by Ziji Publishing to mark the U.K. release of "Cloud Cuckoo Land" by debut novelist Steven Sivell showed a variety of responses.

The survey of Brits indicated the majority, 54%, would spend it either with or on the phone to their loved ones. 13% would kick back with a drink, 9% would spend it in the missionary position (sex), 3% in prayer.

2% would eat really, really bad food for themselves (why not; indulge yourself) while another 2% would loot.

Thing is, this is pretty similar to "Last Night," a great movie addressing this same issue over a few hours. I particularly remember the one man who was trying to perform all sorts of sexual acts, including sex with a virgin and sex with an old teacher. So this apocalyptic novel isn't really that ... novel. But the survey results are.

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