Friday, October 5, 2007

China: Inmates' Organs Off-Limits

There is an underground organ trade in China, which reminds me very much of the concept of organlegging as used in the Larry Niven "Known Space" universe. At the same time, in what used to be a "legal" use of organs, China has been using the organs of executed prisoners. No more, they say.

At a meeting of the World Medical Association in Copenhagen, Chinese Medical Association officials agreed that they would no longer "harvest" organs from inmates to use in transplantation, except into the prisoners' immediate families.

What's interesting is that as many as 40% of the black market organs mentioned above go to foreigners desperate for a transplant. Although China has agreed to this, the concept of reducing prison terms in exchange for bone marrow or kidney donations has even been proposed in the U.S. Could we one day see a dystopian society much like Niven envisioned, where something like repeated speeding offenses are a capital crime requiring organ donation (The Jigsaw Man)?


Jana said...

You just cannot believe anything that comes out of the Chinese communist regimes mouth, They talk nonsense and lie all the time. Its called propoganda and they rely heavily on propoganda to control the masses in China and try to fool people outside of China.

They have implemented a ban organ harvesting from criminals now for 2 successive years. But his only shows their denial of this grisly practice is all lies. Also the main prisoners of conscience we are worried about and they never mention are the Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience who have no juridical rights at all. There fore no one knows where they are if they are a live or not. But the CCp cannon explain 41,500 organ transplants in China over a 5 year period.

If you haven’t already read this independent investigative report on Forced organ harvesting in China from Falun Gong and other

post bankruptcy filing said...

Its horribble......and this is the country the world community expects to moderate the Myanmar regime??