Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bill Maher on Dumbledore: "If I had the slightest interest in homosexuals with powers, I'd be a Republican"

Besides a burka fashion show, in his New Rules segment on the Oct. 26th Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill addressed politicians and disasters, Old Spice trying to become hip, Dumbledore and his homosexuality, Halloween, and FEAR as shoved down our throats by politicians.

Here's Bill's New Rule about Dumbledore:
I don't give two fingleberries and an McShittol that Dumbledore is gay. What concerns me is adults who read 800-page books about magic schoolboys, and then try to talk to me about it. If I had the slightest interest in homosexuals with powers, I'd be a Republican.
And on FEAR:
At the Republican debate this week Mike Huckabee said Islamo-Fascism is the greatest threat we've ever faced. Really? More than the Nazis? And the Russians? And the Redcoats?

We are the most powerful nation on Earth, with the largest economy and the best military and we're made to act the fool by a few thousand cave-dwellers who still put out their video on VHS.

And that's the problem. Because of the incompetence that goes by the name George Bush, we have become the most insecure paranoid superpower ever. We don't think we can get anything right anymore. We can't take care of our citizens after a hurricane or plan for our wars, or maintain our infrastructure, and our celebrity rehab facilities obviously aren't working at all.
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he is a jack ass

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he's right !