Monday, September 17, 2007

Toilet paper dust diverts Southwest Airlines flight

Remember those days right after the anthrax powder attacks in 2001? Everything powdery was suspicious, and I even recall seeing some powder on the office floor and reporting it (turned out to be someone's protein powder).

Last week a Southwest Airlines flight (they can't stay out of the news, can they?) traveling from Tampa, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada, was forced to make a stop in New Orleans when a powdery substance was noticed on the floor of a restroom.

It turns out it was toilet paper dust. Given the timing (so close to 9/11) I can't really blame the passenger, but doesn't it just go to show you how the terrorists are (sorta) winning? I mean, the aim of terrorism is to disrupt our lives and instill fear, and they've succeeded at that.


Anonymous said...

damn, im flying to tampa tonight, i guess no TP for me

Anonymous said...

This is just plain (no pun intended) actually reported protein powder LOL...
Why do people overreact so much