Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Larry Craig tries for his "do-over" today

Today's the day. As we previously wrote, Larry Craig is trying to withdraw his prior guilty plea in an airport sex sting. The focus will be if Craig's attorneys can convince Judge Charles Porter that the Idaho senator's plea was a mistake.

I'm not sure how you make a mistake when you plead guilty, though I have seen people coerced into confessions.

You may recall that Craig reportedly used the types of gestures and foot taps that are used to signal such bathroom, er, encounters. Craig himself said they were misinterpreted by the police officer, and that he plead guilty to avoid triggering a story by an Idaho newspaper that had been investigating his sexual orientation.

Update: the judge said he probably wouldn't rule until late next week. Craig also indicated he will stay in office, for now, apparently rescinding his prior "resignation."

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