Saturday, September 29, 2007

Guess how many countries don't use the metric system ...

It's amazing what you can learn on Jeopardy. There are only three countries in the world that don't officially use the metric system ... one of them (naturally) is the United States. I do recall at one time the U.S. was very close to converting (they even put dual metric / English measurements on car speedometers), but they never followed through.

It shows how far behind the U.S. is when you consider the only other two countries that don't use the metric system: Myanmar and Liberia. Hardly two world powers. Of course, the U.S. always goes its own way.


Anonymous said...

why does usa go its own way?

because the other ways do not seem to work.

why is the internet in english? it was developed by americans in great part. no, not algore; he is dense.

who pulled off beating the nazis, the imperial japan, communism, and soon the muslim terrorists around the world?

probably the americans.

nope, i am not a flag waver, a politician or even a supporter of usa tactics and ideals.

i am an accountant, and as such, i deal in facts. the above are just the facts.

greetings from a canadian in california.

Anonymous said...

Staying off-standards means keeping conversions in place.

this can be costly : NASA lost more then $ 100.000.000 with the Mars Climate Orbiter because of an error in data (stored in english units instead of expected metric units).

you can get some info about this here:

I'm sure that you will (as an accountant) appreciate savings that could be obtained adhering to international standards.

obviously this comes at a cost. i see that as an investment : the more you wait, the more you will spend to adapt all existing systems.

... and more probabilities you will have of....faults and errors.

you will have to that in the end. acting now would be just ... clever.


Klearchos said...

UK is not in the list?

Anonymous said...

thank you it was my homework.