Wednesday, September 12, 2007

David Vitter's Freudian Slip

They sure worked hard to get Larry Craig out of office quickly - though it's still not a done deal. Now, David Vitter, despite the D.C. Madam controversy, has been given a pass. Things heated up a bit yesterday when a former New Orleans prostitute, Wendy Ellis (her prostitute name was Wendy Cortez, and she's often been identified as such) broke the news of a former business relationship with Vitter at news conference arranged by Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt. Ellis will appear in the magazine in January.

"I want the truth to be known," Ellis said. "It was a pure sexual relationship. He would come in and do his business."

On MSNBC's Dan Abrams Live yesterday, Abrams hosted Ellis, and played an excerpt from a July 2002 broadcast of Ringside, a political radio show. On it, Vitter made a Freudian slip when questioned about his relationship with Cortez / Ellis. From the Ringside transcript:

Flaming Liberal: Thank you Jeff for taking my call, always a pleasure to talk to the Congressman. Congressman, since spokesperson for the Republican Party William Bennett has said character counts. I would like to put the same challenge to you that I put to Representative Perkins and he accepted. Would you be willing to sign under the penalty of perjury an affidavit saying you have never had an extramarital affair and you have never known, met or been in the company of one Wendy Cortez.

David Vitter:

Flaming Liberal thank you for repeating all these vicious rumors that my political enemies are trying to bandy about and those rumors are absolutely true and they really don’t belong in any political campaign and I’ve stated very clearly that they’re lies, but I’m not going to start jumping through hoops and taking orders from my political enemies who have absolutely no credibility. So, I’ll speak very clearly about that. I have in the past; I’ll continue to do so.

I love it.

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