Monday, September 24, 2007

After all those tax cuts, the Bush adminstration says we need Social Security cuts, tax increases

Today the Bush administration said the only way to permanently fix Social Security is through some combination of benefit cuts and tax increases. You can read the full story here, that's not my rant.

My rant is that after the series of tax cuts that Bush pushed (and of course, greedy and gullible people that we are, we fell for it), here we are with huge deficits and the need to cut back on Social Security benefits.

The tax cuts Bush pushed ended up helping the wealthy more than anyone else; now with tax increases proposed (no specification in the above story as to who would be affected, but take a guess) and Social Security cuts, who do you think will take the hit?

That's right, John and Jane Q. Public, the middle-class. After all, do you really think truly rich people even care about Social Security, or even bother filing for it? The rest of us, the common U.S. citizen, depend on this in our old age. The rich will just loll around with their big piles of cash, while "just plain folk" will end up working until their mid-70s or longer.

BTW, one thing it says in the story is that "delaying needed reforms is not fair to younger workers." I would ask, what about older workers? Younger workers can ... well, work; older ones cannot.

And, speaking of fairness, let's not forget how long the older workers have been putting money into Social Security, with past assurances of a certain payout. How is that fair to them?

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