Tuesday, August 21, 2007

China's Guidelines for Chinese Travelers: "no extortion, avoid nuclear waste and strip clubs"

Generally I don't need someone to tell me to avoid nuclear waste, but apparently China is playing it safe. These were just a few of the guidelines listed for Chinese travelers at the website of the Foreign Ministry.

''Keep peaceful in public places, don't talk loud and avoid sticking out,'' the guidelines said.

''Don't get involved in other people's quarrels in public places,'' it added. And, here's the best part, "When your legal rights are violated, avoid making things worse and resolve the problem through upright channels, not through extortion or other illegal methods."

Yeah, whenever I have problems, I also look to extortion as my first option. My guess is with all the flak over product safety, the upcoming Olympics, censorship, human rights violations - need I go on - China wants to make sure its citizens are pure and pristine.

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